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SMS reverse billing

What is SMS reverse billing

SMS reverse billing is a form of ‘microbilling’ based around SMS text messaging. It allows small transactions to be conveniently made by sending an SMS text message from a specific shortcode. This form of billing is called 'mobile terminated billing' or MT and results in a charge appearing on the recipients next mobile bill, with the fee being charged by the network operator to their customer. The operator of the shortcode will then receive a proportion of the amount which has been charged for the message by the network operator.

Applications for reverse billing

SMS reverse billing has traditionally been used as a convenient way to pay for information services and competition entries. Reverse billing is now becoming a viable alternative to credit cards when dealing with low value transactions allowing for automated payment systems which can be integrated into a website or be operated in a completely remote location. As charges are made based on the messages received (mobile terminated messages) this process can be initiated by the end user texting a keyword on the shortcode, which then responds with an MT message resulting in the charge at the agreed rate.

Practical issues & setting up a short code

We offer dedicated 5 digit short codes across all four UK networks at rates of either; 25p, 50p, 1, 1.50p or standard rate charge. We can setup short codes in two ways: Via our sms2email interface, where you can make use of our usual facilities such as keyword management, reports and message history. Alternatively keywords on you short code can HTTP post directly to a URL on your own server (1 URL per keyword).

Short code pricing

Short codes are arranged on all four UK networks. There is a minimum contract of 12 months for a dedicated short code. As short codes are in limited supply they are provided at the discretion of the network operator and as such, we can not guarantee infinite use of a short code, please see the individual operators terms and conditions for more details.

dedicated short code (25p, 50p, 1, 1.50p or standard rate)

sms2email interface direct HTTP post
shortcode setup charge £950 £850
monthly access charges £800 £800

Subject to VAT and 12 month contract.

Revenue tariffs & Operators terms

For revenue tariffs and operators terms, please click here.


For more information and ordering, please contact us.

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