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multimedia services

Glossary of terms

SMS   Short Messaging Service
MMS   Multimedia Messaging Service
WAP   Wireless Access Protocol
GPRS   General Packet Radio Service


Did you know : Polyphonic ringtones, colour wallpaper logos and java games are sent via a method called "wap-push". Wap push allows you to send content to phones cheaply and efficiently. (aq) offer simple HTTP POST APIs for allowing ringtone site operators to delivery their content seamlessly via our systems. For information on our wap push gateway, please read on, or call us on 0800 389 5815. Sending a wap push costs the same as sending an SMS text message.

The advent of GPRS is allowing quicker and more efficient transfer of data. This combined with the availability of more powerful colour handsets is resulting in the availability of media rich content services such as Web browsing and Multimedia messaging. Most new handsets are capable of displaying WAP and MMS content as standard and therefore the number of compatible handsets in use is rising steadily.

Photo messaging (a limited form of MMS) has been marketed heavily by the big 4 UK networks (O2, T-mobile, Vodafone and Orange). However, these networks are currently only permitting their own MMS traffic to be passed across their network. These networks have not fully opened their networks to external MMS traffic from providers such as However it is currently possible to send MMS messages to certain network subscribers. Please try the example on our homepage to see if you can currently receive this content. If you have a compatible handset and are not able to receive this example, you will have to wait for our released service.

There is however an alternative to MMS for delivering content to end users. WAP Push is a service allowing you to combine the flexibility of WAP with the convenience of an SMS. WAP Push allows you to send a specific WAP URL, such as http://sms2email/wap/sms2email.wml to a phone as a service message. This allows the recipient to access media rich content via a one key operation to connect to their WAP provider and access the content. WAP Push has a number of advantages and disadvantages over SMS and MMS and as such each will have their suitable applications.

Comparison: SMS, MMS, WAP-Push




WAP Push

Content Plain text. SMIL: Text, Images, Audio, Voice, Video. WML: Text, Images, Navigation, User Input.
Service compatibilty All handsets as standard. Modern and future handsets (requires MMS enabled) Most recent handsets (requires WAP access provider)
Content compatibility Fully supported on all handsets. Varies depending on handset. Initially limited to Text, Image, Audio. Varies depending on handset. WML and wBmp images. Colour Gif supported on newer phones.
Size limit 160 Characters Currently 30kb Varies between providers.
Cost to sender 1 message credit 1-2 message credits* 1-2 message credits*
Cost to recipient N/A Providers WAP access fees. Providers WAP access fees.
Example -- for all your text messaging solutions. FAST Reliable delivery. Call us on 08707449227
This is an example of an MMS message. Talk to us about MMS technology on 0870 7449227
This is an example of a multimedia WAP push. Talk to us about WAP push on 0870 7449227

* depending on the length of the URL sent in the message. Long urls can result in messages being sent in 2 parts.

Where do I go from here?

To trial our MMS / WAP Push services and for advice on creating your own campaign or media-rich service, please contact us to discuss the options available, or fill in our online form with information about your requirements and we'll contact you with a proposal based on your needs.

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