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incoming MSISDN gateway

An alternative to sim hosting:

If you require your own gateway number for incoming messages, rather than using our 07766 40 41 42 number, you can sign up for our incoming MSISDN service. This is faster to set up than sim hosting (takes about 48 hours) and with constant transmission rates of approximately 30 SMSs/second, it can easily cope with high volume message campaigns.

The numbers provided are "virtual" - designed to receive SMSs without having to use a SIM Card or GSM Terminal solution. Incoming SMSs are handled via a direct connection into mobile operators' SMSC. You can receive SMSs from users on virtually any mobile network around the world using a standard 11 digit mobile number.

However, unlike sim hosting, you do not "own" the mobile number, it is leased and cannot be ported to another provider.

You can have multiple numbers on this service, which allows you to separate incoming messages. Alternatively, you can implement a keyword service similar to that used on the sms2email incoming gateway. We can offer you customised scripting it you require it - please contact us for further discussion.


£1000 + vat setup charge
£125 + vat PCM hosting charge for initial number

plus the following charge per *extra* virtual mobile number, PCM:

Quantity£ (+vat)
1 - 4£110
5 - 49£85
50 - 499£70
500 - 4,999£POA

For more information or to setup an MSISDN service, please contact us.

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