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how it works

Please note: this is a brief overview, for more
in-depth information see our developers page

Figure 6.  Schematic of Internet based Sim Hosting service.

SIM hosting is one of the most cost effective ways of conducting 2 way messaging campaigns. Our gateways are capable of sending out text messages "apparently from" your SIM card number. All replies will therefore reach your SIM card and will be forwarded on to you by one of several mechanisms.

The service is straightforward. You simply supply with your GSM SIM card and we host it for you. Hosting of a SIM card involves installing it in a SIM slot in one of our GSM modems (1). Our application servers (2) check your SIM card for content every 3 seconds. Because it is a SIM based technology, the maximum throughput of messages is one per 3 seconds, up to a limit of 30,000 per month. The incoming messages are processed and entered into our secure database (3) and all messages are associated with your sms2email account login.

In order to view the incoming messages, you can log in to your account and download them in Microsoft excel compatible csv format, or (at no extra cost) you can have the messages forwarded to you via email (4), or HTTP POST'ed (5) to your own application server (to trigger off other automatic events for example).

Pricing for SIM hosting service

Setup - 1500+vat

Monthly - 50+vat per calendar month  (up to 30,000 incoming messages/month)

To order the SIM hosting service, please click here and choose the GSM SIM hosting setup option. We will then be in touch regarding the next steps.

In order to set the service up, you need to:

1) Supply us with your SIM. This must be a normal mini SIM. This can either be a pay-as-you-go SIM or a normal contracted SIM. We recommend VODAFONE for reliability reasons. You may also want to have a memorable mobile number. This can again be supplied by vodafone. Please contact us if you require advice on purchasing either a memorable number or a SIM card.

2) Once you have your SIM, simply order the service via (link to order page) by selecting the "SIM hosting setup fee" option.

3) Send us your SIM via recorded delivery to:

(aq) limited
11-15 Hunslet Road
LS10 1JQ

Including your sms2email username along with the SIM card.

4) We will then acknowledge safe receipt of the SIM and provide you with a scheduled install and testing date.

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