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how it works

Please note: this is a brief overview, for more
in-depth information see our developers page

Figure 5.  Schematic of Internet based SMS textback service.

If you wanted to send out an sms campaign or to compile a list of contacts for marketing purposes you could use our free textback service. This textback service operates on a keyword basis on a a shared memorable number. This means that the client must send a keyword to the number in order for you to receive the message. Although the textback service is free, you would need to have an sms2email account, which requires a minimum purchase of £6.00 + vat worth of SMS messages.

An example...

If you wanted to start a marketing campaign and manage responses via SMS. You could include a line in your advertisement (or in your text message if you were marketing by SMS). "For more information on our services, please text 07766 40 41 42 with the keyword 'info', we will then add you to our database"

How does it work?

You would log on to your sms2email account (if you haven't got one, you would need to sign up here). Once you've logged on/signed up, you would click on "textback". Under this heading you can then reserve your keywords (subject to availability). Once you have your keyword(s), you can start your campaign. Any text message sent to 07766 40 41 42 with your keyword at the start of the message will be forwarded to you by email and also stored on our database so you can download them at a later date. NOTE : We provide this service free to all accountholders. However, it is subject to a fair-usage policy. If you are using this service for business purposes, we would recommend contacting us for a dedicated number.

Custom Text-back service (a chargeable service)

We have always been flexible and responsive in our approach to web development, as such we can offer individual solutions. For high volume marketing and interactive services, we can develop your own text-back gateway, allowing your clients to text back to your own number. We can then either archive this information via a database or perform realtime processing of the data such as filling in applications or booking tickets.

Your number not ours...

we can even use your own mobile phone "SIM" card and phone number. This means the marketing number you use is owned by yourself, we install and manage your card in our modem bank. The costs for this are £1500 + vat setup and £50 + vat for monthly ongoing fees and database management. If you require any bespoke coding we can perform this at our normal hourly rate.

If you are interested in finding out more about our creative solutions, please contact us.

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