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"We have just launched our SMS Text Messaging Service on For Sale boards - one quick text message and within seconds the caller receives a text message giving details of the property and its price. We also get messages on our website giving details of the caller enabling us to follow up the enquiry. It really is quite impressive, particularly useful for people searching for rented properties."

Michael Moore  (executive partner of David Moor estate agents)  view complete article

How can estate agents make use of interactive SMS services?

SMS is an inexpensive way to provide key information to the hands of potential customers any time of the day or night. The use of the sms2email textback service allows interested parties to SMS a keyword to our memorable gateway number (normal charges apply) providing an automated SMS response prepared for the specific keyword. Textback responses are equivalent to one SMS credit (costs vary between 8p and 12p per message).

How does it work in practice?

In practice you would be provided with a range of keywords, usually in the form of a reference code, such as AB20, AB21, AB22 etc… and using our admin interface you assign a property and SMS response message to this code. This code would then be added to our specially prepared signs in either Design A or Design B and displayed alongside the current 'For Sale' sign. Anyone interested in the property the could SMS the specific keyword, such as AB20 to our memorable number 07766 40 41 42. They would then be sent an automated response containing information about the property appearing to be from the orinator id you specified, such as the estate agents name or an alternative mobile number.

How about an example?

Text the keyword PROPERTY to the number 07766 40 41 42 to have the following message sent back to your phone.

"Trad. 3 Bedroom terrace in lively HydePark LS6. living room, kitchen, bathroom 2 bedrooms and an attic room. £75,000 call us to view 0113 123456"

OR - if your phone supports picture messaging, text "mms" to 07766 40 41 42 for an example of a picture messaging service - showing example photos of a house interior (available only on compatible handsets and networks - we accept no reponsibility for loss or damage for sending messages to non-compatible handsets).

How can this help estate agents?

It will save you time. This is an inexpensive service providing fast and efficient delivery of key information, accessible any time of the day or night. The system automatically records the mobile numbers of interested parties allowing you to follow up their initial query. It also becomes possible to monitor the level of interest a particular property is generating. Future services based on the emerging MMS (multimedia messaging protocol) will allow for much richer content, such as longer messages and images of the property to be obtained through similar systems.

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