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SMS 2 Email About Us sign up for an account which allows you to send SMS via our email to sms gateway or via our website or HTTP post interface. The accounts also allow more advanced sms to email sending Technical explanations of how email to sms and sms to email operate Contact

about us


Please click here to download a pdf overview of our company and services. is an award winning SMS solutions portal brought to you by (aq). We are dedicated to getting your sms marketing campaign or interactive service working with us.

Our services include bulk messaging through a number of routes offering high reliability along with different pricing options. Every sms2email account includes the FREE textback service, an easy way to enable your target audience to reply to you. We can also offer you advice and solutions for short codes and reverse billing, hosting your GSM sim card, and now offer multimedia and WAP-push solutions.

Signing up for an sms2email account requires the minimum purchase of 6 worth of messages. There is no further obligation to purchase messages, and you can continue to use the associated textback services as long as your account remains in credit.

If you have further questions about our services, or need further advice in creating your SMS solution, please contact us.

(aq) is a wholly owned subsidiary of (aq) limited. (aq) have been providing reliable web hosting and email solutions since the beginning of 1999. sms2email was developed because it has become clear that (aq) is serving two distinct client bases, and allows us to better serve our clients in the growing mobile messaging market.

sms2email benefits from the fact that (aq) has a large customer base of over 6000 hosted domains and proud to be one of the few consistently profitable internet companies since it's inception. For more details about (aq) see

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